My grandmother is from Millidgeville, a small neighbourhood on the north edge of Saint John, New Brunswick that took its name from a prominent shipbuilder. She grew up in the 1930s and ’40s at a time when fewer than 100 families lived in the community year round.
4023028539_e1a2665d9b_oHer father was George Miles “Ted” Barr (1905-1973). He worked for T.S. Simms Ltd. in Saint John, New Brunswick for over 55 years. Starting at age 13 as a handyman, he eventually became a plant superintendent and finally an engineer with the company. Barr had a number of inventions to his name, including three patented machines.

George Barr was the son of William Alfred Barr (abt. 1884-1933) and Elizabeth “Bessie” Myrtle Neal (1885-1950).
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